You help students soar.

Scholarships provide
life-changing opportunities for
Butler High School seniors.


They help make a college education accessible and affordable. They help our community’s students soar.

In 2023, the Vandalia-Butler Foundation awarded $42,850 in scholarships to 28 outstanding graduating seniors. Interested students apply in the winter through a process coordinated by our Education Fund Advisory Committee, guidance counselors and the Dayton Foundation. Recipients are honored at Senior Awards Night in the spring.


Robert A. Bahr Memorial Scholarship Fund (1998)

Family and friends initiated this fund in memory of Robert Bahr to award scholarships to Butler High School students who are members of the varsity basketball team.


John A. Beckley and Karen Beckley-Bryant Memorial Scholarship Fund (1995)

This fund remembers the late principal of Butler High School by awarding a scholarship to an outstanding graduating senior each year.  The fund is the result of memorial contributions from family, friends and members of the community. 

Rebecca Bone Pelfrey Memorial Scholarship Fund (2017)

This fund helps Butler High School seniors further their education. Three annual scholarships are awarded, two for legacy graduates and another for a student who is interested in pursuing a career in design. The fund was established in memory of Rebecca Bone Pelfrey, a Butler High School graduate and talented designer who enjoyed decorating homes and creating clothing.

Butler High School English Department Distinguished Senior Scholarship (2021)

Honors the Butler English Department teachers who have as their mission to teach skills in writing, the use of language as a tool of effective communication, understanding, critical thought, and civility in public engagement. The scholarship is given to a Butler High School graduating senior with a strong interest in the liberal arts and/or the profession of education.

C.F. Companies Scholarship Fund (1993)

Named for the air freight company that maintained a major hub at the Dayton International Airport, this fund helps Butler High School graduates further their education.

Kathy Huston Clemens Memorial Scholarship (2000)

Family and friends of Kathy Huston Clemens, who died tragically in May 2000, established this fund to award college scholarships to Butler High School graduates pursuing a degree in education.  Kathy was a Butler High School graduate and a beloved third grade teacher.  She was 1998 Teacher of the Year in her district in Houston, Texas.

Connie DeHart Memorial Scholarship Fund (1993)

By initiating this fund, the parents of educator Connie DeHart wish to encourage young women at Butler High School to enter the teaching profession.

Marsha Foreman Memorial Fund for Hope Scholarship for Butler High School and Montgomery County

Marsha graduated from Vandalia-Butler High School, then Wright State University with a degree in education and certification in special education. She also earned a master’s degree from the University of Dayton while employed by the Montgomery County Board of Education as a work-study coordinator. A person who loved new and fresh ideas, she inspired her students, friends and loved ones and always encouraged them to perform to their potential and never give up. It is the hope that by utilizing this scholarship it will assist the recipients in achieving and going beyond their dreams.

Superintendent B.P. Gibson Memorial Scholarship Fund (1999)

Established by the friends and family of B.P. Gibson, former superintendent of Vandalia-Butler Schools, this fund will award scholarships to graduating seniors of the Butler High School women’s varsity soccer team.

Stuart S. Gitman Memorial Scholarship Fund (1998)

Dr. Edith Gitman created this fund in memory of her son, Stuart.  The fund provides scholarship awards for graduating Butler High School seniors who do not necessarily excel academically at the time of the award, but who have an interest in furthering their education.

Mark Goens Art Scholarship Fund (1985)

Established as a memorial by Mark’s parents and friends, this fund assists Butler High School graduates in their study of art.  Mark Goens, a skilled artist and outdoorsman, died while he was a freshman at Morton Junior High School.

Maria Lauterbach Fund (2007)

The Maria Lauterbach Education Scholarship was established by family and friends to commemorate a Vandalia Butler graduate who tragically lost her life in December 2007 while serving her country in the United States Marine Corps. Maria was known for her overall spirit, athleticism, courage and her strong will to stop at nothing until her goals in life were fulfilled. Women who are graduating seniors from Vandalia Butler High School (including those attending the Miami Valley Career Technology Center) who are planning to attend a college, university or trade school are eligible to apply. Applicants should be prepared to show enthusiasm and inventiveness in whatever they do to pursue their passions in life.

Mary Louise Gross-Poorman Scholarship Fund (2001)

Established by this retired teacher who taught second grade for 43 years, this scholarship is for Northridge High School graduates majoring in elementary education at Miami University.  Mrs. Poorman passed away just weeks after establishing this fund.

David A. and Kathryn E. Horner Family Memorial Fund (1997)

Established in memory of David, Kathryn, Jonathan, Carmen and Preston Horner, who perished in a train accident in central Ohio in 1997, this fund focuses on different causes in alternate years.  In odd numbered years, the fund supports Boy Scout Troop #307, as well as a student enrolled in the law enforcement program at the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  In even numbered years, a scholarship is awarded to a Butler High School senior with an interest in music.

Blake LaForce #41 Memorial Scholarship (2010)

The Blake LaForce #41 Memorial Scholarship was established to honor Blake who was known for his belief, heart, compassion, will, tenacity, hard work, mental and physical toughness, strength, teamwork, leadership, courage, fight, humility, athletic prowess, sportsmanship and big smile. This scholarship will provide tuition assistance to one male and one female Vandalia Butler High School graduating senior who participated in a sports program (including kickline and cheerleading). Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 grade point average.

Leo and Marie Lauber Family Scholarship (2000)

This fund will serve to remember the Lauber family’s belief in education by awarding college scholarships to Butler High School graduates or Vandalia or Butler Township residents graduating from the Miami Valley Career Technology Center.  Leo Lauber worked at Frigidaire for 30 years; Marie was a homemaker.  The Laubers called Butler Township home from World War II until Leo’s death.

Helen S. Lawson Memorial Scholarship (2001)

This fund was established by Helen S. Lawson to financially assist seniors or graduates of Butler High School. Applicants must attend or plan to attend a two- or four-year college or university and major in elementary education.

M. Byron Morton Memorial Scholarship Fund (2001)

Family and friends have established this fund to memorialize M. Byron Morton, a former Vandalia-Butler Schools superintendent whose career in education spanned a total of 61 years.  During Mr. Morton’s tenure with V-B Schools, the Vandalia-Butler Memorial Stadium was established in honor of area veterans killed while serving their country.

John J. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund (2005)

This fund was established by family and friends for the exclusive purpose of assisting Butler High School students to further their studies at an accredited college, community college, university, vocational school or trade program.

Ron Nickel Memorial Scholarship (2017)

Celebrates the life of this beloved teacher and coach by awarding scholarships to graduating athletes of Butler High School. Ron Nickel’s positive attitude and exuberant spirit made him an inspiration to many.

Marvin O’Cull Scholarship Fund (1996)

Butler High School students entering the field of engineering may apply for this scholarship, established in memory of a longtime Vandalia-Butler Optimist Club member who passed away in 1988.

Rotary Club of Vandalia Charitable Fund (1990)

This fund distributes income at the suggestion of the Vandalia Rotary Club to assist Butler High School graduating seniors pursue a two-year course of study at a technical school or community college.

Carl R. Scholz-Unibilt Industries Scholarship Fund (1994)

Created in honor of Carl R. Scholz, founder of Unibilt Industries, Inc., for the children of employees of this privately held corporation, this fund provides scholarships to help youth attend college, a university or a private accredited primary or secondary school.

Nancy Ellen Wegner Schumacher and Robert Frederick Schumacher Scholarship Fund (2010)

This fund helps students at Vandalia Butler High School pursue a degree in engineering, math or science. Robert Schumacher, a World War II veteran and manufacturing engineer for 30 years, retired from Chrysler Corporation in 1982. Nancy Schumacher worked as a chemist at General Motors until her marriage to Robert in 1953. During her years as a homemaker, she combined her chemistry experience with her love of cooking to develop new recipes.

Marvin L. and Helen C. Sturm Memorial Scholarship Fund (1993)

Standing at the blackboard as a teacher at Butler High School, Helen Sturm cultivated her students’ desire to achieve.  Her inspiration is as strong today as it was in the 1950’s when she dusted chalk from her fingertips. This fund provides scholarships to graduating seniors who excel in math and science.

Bruce Sucher Memorial Scholarship (2019)

Created in honor of community leader Bruce Sucher, this fund provides tuition assistance to a Butler High School student who has demonstrated exceptional leadership and service within the school and community.

Taryl and Viola Swigart Scholarship Fund (1993)

Married 56 years and having had no children of their own, the Swigarts chose to create this fund to provide for worthy and needy students from their hometown.

John T. Torlone Scholarship Fund (1992)

Once a member of the custodial staff in the Vandalia-Butler School District, Mr. Torlone was the inventor of The Creative Children’s Chapel.  Through his estate, a scholarship fund was established to assist graduating seniors who enroll in any post high school education.

Todd and Rodney Wasson Memorial Scholarship (1987)

Parents and friends established this memorial fund to provide college scholarship assistance to members of the Butler High School Wrestling Team.  Todd and Rodney were Butler graduates in 1981 and 1984, respectively.