Vandalia-Butler Foundation
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Vandalia-Butler Foundation
P.O. Box 722
Vandalia, OH  45377


A community organization serving
the Vandalia-Butler area


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Vandalia-Butler Foundation Fund



Vandalia-Butler Foundation Officers:
Candice Farst and Julie Trick, Co-chairs
Katherine Foland, Treasurer
Denise Eder, Secretary

Candice Farst
Julie Trick
Katherine Foland
Denise Eder, Treasurer

Vandalia-Butler Foundation Trustees:
Lonnie Adkins
Greg Atherton
Bill McIntire
Don Neff
Teri Rizvi
Justin Spivey
Stacie Whetstone


Lonnie Adkins
Greg Atherton
Bill McIntire
Don Neff
Teri Rizvi
Justin Spivey
Stacie Whetstone  

Trustees Emeritus

Victor Bonneau
Lawrence D. Brazie
Peter Breidenbach, CPA
Michelle Clauser
Eric Cluxton
Paul Courtney
Carl Dean
Craig Eckstein, CPA
Jack Fischer
Lori Gatland
Julia Gearhart
Steven Goens
Harry R. Hittner, M.D.
Douglas Knight
Kevin Larger
Steve Martin
Robert McConnell, D.O.


Jacqueline Nawroth, CPA
Lisa Orr
Liza Pond, D.D.S.
Thomas Protsman, O.D.
Paula Reed
Douglas Scholz
Rick Snider
Gary Spoltman
Tim Stammen
Bruce Sucher
David Sunderland
Joanne Townsend, CPA
Gerald Turner
Karen Weatherly
Frank (Bud) Weber
Howard Weisenborn


The Dayton Foundation

The Vandalia-Butler Foundation and its funds are components of The Dayton Foundation.  Leadership for the Vandalia-Butler Foundation rests in our own community, while oversight of the Board of Trustees is maintained by The Dayton Foundation, which serves the Dayton / Miami Valley area.  This partnership allows for the Vandalia-Butler Township community to benefit from local leadership and profit from resources pooled with others for investment growth.


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How Does a Community Foundation Work?

The Internal Revenue Service allows community foundations to provide certain necessary community services while remaining exempt from taxation.  Those services include the creation of funds for charitably inclined donors, help for non-profit organizations, and donations to the community-at-large.  More than 600 community foundations nationwide serve their individual regions.

Community foundations like the Vandalia-Butler Foundation, which is a component fund family of The Dayton Foundation, structure permanent and temporary funds.

The foundations provide donors with important information about the community and its needs.  They also provide services like charitable check writing and the chance to make donations immortal through endowment funds.  Because only a portion of the interest earned from an endowment fund is distributed, the balance remains safe and permanent, providing peace of mind because gifts will have lasting results.

Community foundations also offer technical assistance to non-profit organizations, as well as a source of funds for both their special and emergency needs.

Community foundations serve the community-at-large.  Communities with strong leadership realize that finding donors with a charitable vision who want to give something back to their community should never be left to chance.  Foundations provide a way for communities to "take care of their own" and ensure that there will always be available resources, when needed.